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Artifacts of Anarchy

In a world on the brink of the prophesied end, a despicable power seeks to unleash chaos and eradicate all that stands in his way. The THIRD, Medumean, a creature fueled by greed and envy, wreaks havoc across the realm, leaving ruin and destruction in his wake. But the forces of the CREATOR trap him, leaving the fate of Stormthrower and humanity in the balance.


Desperate to break free of his eternal damnation, the cunning Medumean deploys his monstrous horde of Agras, unleashing chaos upon the world. With each battle, they inch closer to obtaining the Artifacts of the Chosen, ancient relics said to hold unimaginable power. Their actions have spurred the FIFTH, a being destined to become their ultimate undoing, into designating the beginnings of their ruin. 


As the world teeters on the edge of darkness, a man faces impossible odds. Empowered by the FIFTH, he must rise above his own limitations and confront the forces of evil amok. Sworn to protect the Stormthrowers, he embarks on a treacherous journey filled with perilous encounters and mystical trials.


In this epic tale of heroic sacrifice and mythical enchantment, Ashley Holmquist weaves a mesmerizing narrative that will captivate lovers of mythical adventures. Can a single man with a destined purpose defy the overwhelming forces of darkness? Or will the realm succumb to the ravages of the Artifacts of Anarchy?

Artifacts of Anarchy is a thrilling young adult fantasy epic that will transport readers to a world teetering on the edge. With its whimsical tone and jaw-dropping battles, this captivating tale of power, destiny, and family will leave you yearning for more.

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