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Today is Hanging Day

Sword of Audantei

Today is Hanging Day.

Prepare to be enchanted by Ashley Holmquist's “Sword of Audantei”, a spellbinding tale of loyalty, betrayal, and the power that lies within.  

Lieutenant Commander Danilo Altamura is torn between his commitment to his city and his desperate desire to escape the clutches of his deranged father, High General Llodis Altamura. When Danilo’s blood bonds with a powerful Stormthrower sword, Llodis labels him a traitor and he flees to Audantei's deadly alleyways, where survival means staying hidden. But after stumbling upon an unexpected incident during Audantei's notorious Hanging Day, his world takes a dark and twisted turn.  

Seeking refuge among Audantei's enemies, the Stormthrowers, Danilo strikes a deal with their reticent leader, Enzo Sapienti. In exchange for safety, Danilo finds himself a captive among the most dangerous of their kind. As secrets unravel and loyalties shift, Danilo's dormant magic is awakened, revealing the true extent of his exile.

When the Stormthrowers capture Llodis, they discover the vengeful Royal Beseecher hunts Danilo, leaving him to choose which fate to face: Enzo's threats or the tantilizing promises of his father. 

Incorporating ancient legends and a mystical atmosphere, “Sword of Audantei” will transport young adult readers on an extraordinary journey. Will Danilo discover his true destiny and uncover the truth behind Audantei's dark past? Find out in this captivating fantasy epic that will leave you breathless.
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