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Today is Hanging Day

Sword of Audantei

Today is Hanging Day.

Danilo Altamura knows two things for certain. Magic exists. And he is cursed with it.


At eighteen years old, his magic never should have manifested. It never should have activated that horrid sword. But as it stands, the blade turned blue in his palm. Announcing both to him and his magic-hunting father, that he is the next victim to Audantei’s notorious Hanging Day.


In a split second decision, he ran. Ran from his father. Ran from his city. From all he knew. As the famous Lieutenant Commander, he cannot hide for long. What he doesn’t expect, is to be caught by his father’s nemesis, the most renown Stormthrowing criminal in the Gentled East.


It forces Danilo to make a choice. To be victim of the noose. Or to the horror of magic.

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