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Meet Reina: a mischievous plant mage with a heart of wisdom. Though she's drawn to Magus despite his volatility, she keeps her distance due to past betrayals. A skilled marksman with a bow, she never runs out of arrows thanks to her powers. Reserved and observant, Reina speaks truths that cut to the core but rarely gets involved in others' affairs.

Her Story

Introducing Reina, a captivating plant mage whose mischievous spirit is as enchanting as her powers. With a flick of her wrist, she can coax life from the earth itself, weaving vines and blooms into breathtaking displays of natural magic.

But beneath her playful facade lies a heart that beats with wisdom and depth. Reina possesses a keen insight into the human soul, able to speak truths that resonate deeply with those around her. Despite her gift for unraveling mysteries, she remains the last to involve herself in private affairs, preferring to observe from the sidelines.

Though her heart belongs to Magus, despite his tempestuous nature, Reina's crush is a testament to her ability to see beyond the surface, to find beauty in the most unlikely of places. Yet, her past has taught her the importance of guarding her trust closely, and she does not easily let others into her inner circle.

As an incredible marksman with a bow, Reina's skill is unparalleled, her aim true and unwavering. With her powers at her side, she never runs out of arrows, a symbol of her resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

With Reina, expect the unexpected—she is a force of nature, both wild and wise, with secrets hidden in the depths of her emerald gaze.

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