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Meet Borak: wielder of lightning, healer of hearts. With a soul as gentle as his touch, he reminds us that true strength lies in kindness and compassion.

His Story

Meet Borak, a lightning-wielder with a heart as gentle as a summer breeze and a power that crackles with untamed energy. Despite the electrifying force at his fingertips, Borak's true strength lies in his ability to heal, to mend the wounds of both body and soul with a touch as gentle as the morning dew.

But beneath his serene exterior lies a flaw that threatens to overshadow his benevolent nature—a self-sacrificing mentality that compels him to always put others before himself. It is this very trait that makes him both a beacon of hope and a vulnerable soul, for in his relentless pursuit of aiding others, he often neglects his own well-being.

Yet, despite the weight of his burdens, Borak remains steadfast in his belief that kindness and compassion can illuminate even the darkest of paths. He serves as a guiding light for Danilo, encouraging him to embrace his softer side much like their dear friend Enzo, and reminding him that true strength lies not in power alone, but in the capacity to love and to heal.

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