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Meet Liander, the young stone-thrower in our fantastical world, navigating the thin line between risk and reward with a gambling addiction and an insatiable need to fight. Befriending many effortlessly, he intentionally cultivates enemies, driven by the belief that conflict yields greater financial rewards. Not even the wise Enzo can change his ways, but amidst the chaos, one friend, Moresh, occasionally pierces through the rebellious exterior. Join us in the dice-rolling, stone-throwing adventure of Liander—a rogue element in a world of calculated daring.

His Story

In the bustling streets of our fantastical world, Liander emerges as a complex figure—a young stone-thrower with a penchant for risk, a gambling addiction, and an insatiable need to engage in combat. His wiry frame moves with a calculated agility, and his keen eyes betray a mind constantly calculating the odds, both in games of chance and the battles he willingly plunges into.

Liander is a paradox of social dynamics. While effortlessly befriending many, he harbors no true desire for companionship. In fact, he deliberately cultivates enemies, believing that the financial rewards reaped from conflict far outweigh the benefits of camaraderie. In the chaotic dance of his existence, enemies are but stepping stones to a wealthier end.

Even the wise and patient Enzo finds himself unable to sway Liander from his chosen path. The young stone-thrower's rebellious spirit resists the influence of even the most seasoned mentors, and his determination to live on the edge remains unshaken.

Yet, amidst the shards of Liander's abrasive exterior, there exists a rare connection—a friendship with Moresh. In the shadowy recesses of his heart, Liander allows a select few, like Moresh, to glimpse the vulnerabilities that lie beneath the surface. Moresh becomes the occasional voice of reason that pierces through the stubborn resolve, providing moments of clarity in the chaos that surrounds Liander's tumultuous existence.

In this fantasy realm of risk and reward, Liander stands as a rogue element—a young stone-thrower who plays life's games with calculated daring. As the stones fly and the dice roll, his unpredictable journey weaves through the alliances and enmities he so effortlessly crafts, leaving behind a trail of both allies and adversaries. 

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