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I, Calista Cassiopia, last of the Nephla, call upon you, my remaining chosen, to take up the fight against the end of being. As the children of the THIRD rise to power, we too must be vigilant.

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Meet the Gremlin in Charge

Otherwise known as Ashley Holmquist.

Before she started writing fantasy, Ashley studied psychological theories of family dynamics, addictions, and the behaviour of human development. She then went on to work as a Behaviour Interventionist and used play-based teaching to integrate functional habits into neurodivergent understanding. Now, she applies these experiences to develop vibrant characters that leap off the page.


Artifacts of Anarchy
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Sword of Audantei

Book 1

Danilo wants his father to love him. But Audantei's High General, Llodis Altamura, values success over his family. He expects nothing less than perfection. When Danilo's found to have magic in his blood, Llodis wants him dead, leaving Danilo to make an ally of Llodis' enemy.

Helmet of Nithar

Book 2

Sent to aid Borak's search in the Untamed North, Danilo must put aside his desire to find the Medumara. While helping Borak, he discovers traces of the Medumara. Can Borak keep Danilo in the North? Or will the son of Danilo's worst enemy drive him away?

Dagger of Mara

Book 3

The hunt for Mara invigored, Danilo sides with Mara's most obedient follower. But by promising to aid Danilo, Mara's follower risks his own life.  With Mara's anger causing ruin to Danilo's town, can Danilo strip the Medumara of power?


"You're blackmailing the Lieutenant Commander of Audantei for information."
"I'll have you aware, lieutenant, that it had been you they climbed into the sewer in search of."


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